This is what we do.

On average, building owners spend 19 - 22% of their operating costs on natural gas, water and electricity. What most business owners don’t know is that there are a multitude of companies and products in the utilities sector to help you minimize your expenses. Our job is to educate you on those options and help you create a plan that best caters to your needs. We are independent, unbiased & transparent client advocates. We assist our clients in managing their utility risk exposure and in developing and implementing risk management strategies, to control and reduce their electricity, water and natural gas expenditures.

Our mandate is to help businesses manage three fixed expenditures: water, natural gas, and electricity. Some of our strategies offer a minimum of 10% savings!

Our objective: Minimum 6 % reduction with implementation of 1 or more of our recommendations.

We specialize in result driven planning so you see immediate reductions in your utility costs. The three main unavoidable expenditures that we focus on are Water, Natural Gas & Electricity and our goal is a return on investment within 6 months. We work to reduce utility costs by at least 6% depending on the strategies you implement.

Our Process

  • Initial Site Survey & Analysis
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Custom Proposal Design
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring & Performance Evaluation
  • Ongoing Check-ins & Market Monitoring

Energy Deregulation

Canada and the U.S. were built on a network of pipes and wires supporting the infrastructure we needed to provide power to our homes and businesses. Originally this system was developed with one local provider supplying electricity or gas. This singular provider controlled both the generation and distribution of energy, holding a monopoly. They set their own price & there was no competition to drive price down or offer choice to the end user.

Old Monopoly

Some provinces & states decided to deregulate the generation portion. The former monopoly keeps the distribution portion rather than all the competing companies building pipes and lines but now the consumer has a choice on the generation portion. If a consumer does not exercise their right to choose, the local utility will provide the service from their default energy generation company. The only thing that has changed from energy deregulation is the customer’s CHOICE of generation. The service has the same reliability & quality, nothing changes except the way the energy was generated and the price. Choice of supplier means they are bidding on your business through competitive pricing and improved product options.


Historically, other industries have gone through the same deregulation. For example, the airline industry in the in the 70’s and the telephone industry in the 80’s. The introduction of competition drove down costs.

With the new developments in the energy industry comes a plethora of options & discerning the right plan for your organization is no easy task. MyPower Network helps you to identify the options available, weigh the risks and benefits to each option and finally to execute a plan that best suits your business’ needs.

Energy Prices / Volatility

MyPower Network’s team of market research experts analyze and interpret the energy market on a global level and deliver pertinent information related to your business’ energy options. This team tracks market fluctuations and trends, researches influencing factors and interprets this data to hold an all-encompassing understanding of the current state of the energy market and its trajectory. This position is then aligned with our comprehensive knowledge of the multiple suppliers and product options available alongside the client’s unique goals and a customized energy procurement plan is proposed and executed.